Gesellschaft für angewandte Beratungs- und Eventleistungen UG, Riemannstraße 33, 04107 Germany, processes your personal data (gender, name, email address, company, job title, position within the company, registration type, profile image, work address) for registration to and for conducting our client event and to give you an opportunity to broaden your professional network.

Pictures will be taken during the event. The legal basis for this is your consent under Art. 6 (1) a) and 7 of the EU GDPR. With your consent, you confirm that we may publish your name, position and company on our event website and make pictures with you in them available to other participants. You also declare that you are identical with the person who sent back the confirmation. Without your consent, a registration to our event is not possible.

The list of participants will be available up to four weeks after the event. The pictures of the event will be available for a duration of four weeks. Gesellschaft für angewandte Beratungs- und Eventleistungen UG will store the pictures for 10 years. Your other data will be stored until you revoke your consent to be informed about future events.

The data is collected, processed and transmitted to us either via Eventbrite, Inc. or via direct contact with Gesellschaft für angewandte Beratungs- und Eventleistungen UG, for the receipt of registrations, for sending purposes (confirmation, reminder and post-event e-mail) and storage.

Your data will be passed on to third parties, meaning sponsors.

You have the right to request information on how your data is processed, a right to rectification of your data, to have the processing restricted, to object to the processing and to direct marketing, a right to data portability, as well as a right to revoke your consent for future use. If you revoke your consent, your data will no longer be stored, published on the event website and your pictures will no longer be made available to the other participants. To revoke your consent, please send us an email You will receive a confirmation immediately upon reception.

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