HotelCamp Iceland 2024

- the hottest hotel topics within Iceland's nature -

12th november 2024 / 09.00 - 17.30

The wait is over - we can start again! Following a successful event last year, our Hotel Camp will take place again. Finally you can exchange ideas again and discuss what you are interested in!

What is it about?

At the Hotel Camp 2024 you will have the opportunity to discuss the latest hotel topics and clarify your questions. The special thing: Our Hotelcamp is not a conventional conference - you determine the topics and can exchange ideas together with international participants and sponsors from all over Europe and Iceland.

Surrounded by the breathtaking nature of Iceland, you will experience our open discussion workshops without product presentations. Each participant can actively participate, contribute their ideas, know-how and preferred topics of discussion.

You want to discuss the latest topics from the hotel industry and everything that keeps them busy? - Then secure your ticket now and take part in this unique event, which will also be held in cooperation with the Icelandic Hotel Association.

Afterwards, there will be a cozy get-together with free food and drinks and the perfect atmosphere for relaxed networking.

Why should I attend?

HotelCamp Iceland offers the opportunity to discuss new topics and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The focus of this HotelCamp is on new trends in the hotel industry. Topics around new technologies, innovation, social networks, direct booking techniques, but also expert knowledge can be the subject of the event.

The agenda will be jointly developed by all participants during the morning and 12 sessions will follow from it. The sessions and their speakers will be selected by the other participants and coordinated by the organizers of HotelCamp Island based on a session plan.

Participating is worth it! - You will get:

- Open workshops

- Unanimously chosen topics

- A relaxed atmosphere

- A non-sales oriented event

What are the topics?

At the beginning of the event, the content is chosen by the participants themselves. The topics can range from knowledge you want to share to a specific topic you want to discuss.

The topics chosen by the participants are subject to a vote. You choose what is most interesting to you! So, content that generates the most interest will be selected.

Some examples:

- What is the ideal sales strategy? How should you position your website vis-à-vis OTAs?

- What is a good recruitment strategy for hotels and restaurants in Iceland? How can you work on a European recruitment strategy?

- Improve your operations - digitalization vs. employee development - what are the trends?

- How can you gain more visibility with your hotel website in China, the US and Europe?

- Sessions with European hoteliers to share best practices in operations, sales & digitalization.

How does the event work?

- Selection of topics by the participants

- Organization of the sessions by the organizers

- the 12 selected topics will be assigned to three rooms

- you can participate in any session, change the room at any time, actively participate or just listen

- the sessions can be presentations, discussions or workshops, the leader of the session acts as a moderator

- During the breaks you will have the opportunity to meet the other participants, exchange experiences and establish contacts with hoteliers with similar interests

Date & time

Tuesday, November 12, 2024

9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m


Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, 

Southern Bride 2, 

108 Reykjavik, 



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